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Three guys, three cocks and three cum explosions! What a great way to start the day! When these three guys got together, two of them teamed up on the other to show him how fun it can be playing together. He is shocked, shy and doesn’t know what to think, after they rub and suck his cock he stops thinking and soon shoots a huge load of cum. They soon shoot their own loads and drench him as well with thick man goo.

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This is a fun guysjerkingoffguys blog update that I have for you today. Pics take from photoshoot, which located in full HD video quality in member zone of BOY GUSHER site.

I have Bo and Ramon with me and they were hot and horny ready for action when they came over. I knew that this was going to be a great shoot. It didn’t take Bo long to strip out of his shirt and jeans. Ramon took his shirt off showing his toned chest off before he leans over to jerk and stroke Bo’s hard dick. You can tell from the way that Ramon handles Bo’s cock that he is no stranger to suck cock.

In fact, he is a real cock hound, once he gets that cock into his hands and cum hungry mouth he wouldn’t let it go. Bo just about explodes his load as Ramon deep throats him over and over again making his cock throb with need.
Bo is a talker and he tells Ramon how good his hand and mouth is making him feel. Ramon eats that dick stroking his own hard cock while he does. He can’t wait for Bo to explode his hard dick in a huge blast of cum.

Ramon continues to jerk on Bo’s hard dick as he strokes his own cock in his undies. Bo’s face is amazing as his cock rules his brain making him insane with lust and a need to explode his seed. When his cock does erupt it’s amazing and the cum just flows and flows out of that prick.

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One look at Damien and you’ll be hooked, this smooth skinned hottie looks good enough to eat, and I can tell you from experience that he is. You can see that I didn’t have to sneak creep in on this horny guy. He was ready for anything, so I gave him everything that I had to make him cum. We started off slow with my feeling and touching his smooth body. I can tell you it felt so good underneath my fingers. When I pulled his pants down he was already semi hard and ready to go.

I didn’t mess around, I pulled out my tens unit and put those crocodile clips right below the head of his cock and began to give him a mild tingling buzz on his cock. I continued to stroke him slowly as the box juiced up his cock making him smile and lean back in erotic pleasure.
He loved the feeling and I loved alternating the sensations to his cock first soft and then more urgent and that drove Damien crazy. I continued to play with his cock with one hand while I tuned him up with the other. After awhile I let him jerk his own cock as I played with the juice and watched him smile and writhe with pleasure.

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This is one of my favorite guys to have over, he never says no and I don’t have to wait for him to go t sleep and creep in on him. He was naked and waiting for me when I came in to jerk on his hard dick. I know about Diesal so I started slow just teasing his cock with long strokes gently at first making sure his dick was rock hard before I grabbed my electro buzzing toy and wrapped it around his cock slowly turning on the juice and jolting his cock with vibrations that made him take in some quick breaths. I then added my special stroking style as I let my buzz master do its thing on his cock. He really enjoyed how I played with his cock with my hand and toys. It didn’t take him long to moan and when I told Diesal to shot his cock he did in a hot geyser of jizz.

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Mr. Hand enjoyed what he did with me so much the last time he was over that he asked if he could play around with the next guy I had over, and although I was a bit shocked I said yes. I was pleased that he enjoyed hanging out with me and jerking on guys. It leaves me hands free to really take a better quality video. I had Conner over he has been here a few times and Mr. Hand really loved how this blond hottie looked. I told him to sneak in on him in the morning that he had some great wood first thing in the am. Mr. Hand snuck right on in and began to touch, fondle, and jerk on Conner’s shaft until he woke up and they shared some good morning greetings as he began to work on Conner’s cock. Conner had no objections to having his meat jerked and stroked. Who would? I know I’d love to wake up and have my wood handled first thing in the am.

Mr. Hand does a great job of getting Conner’s dick rock hard and throbbing, as he plays with that big cock he spanks it with his hand a little bit making Conner moan and smile all at the same time. I think he likes having his cock wanked and spanked a little. He sure didn’t bitch when Mr. Hand abused that wanker. Mr. Hand then settled down into a yank and jerk routine that had Conner moaning and groaning until he explodes that cum in a jolt of hot juice.

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It isn’t what you think this guy is really Mr. Hand and he is going to have some fun with my buddy Tony. Mr. Hand is a close friend who doesn’t want his real name known, so we will continue to call him Mr. Hand. He knows all about my little fetish of playing with young cute studs and although he is straight he became really interested. I offered him a chance to try it out for himself, and after months of listening to my stories he decided to try it out. I called up Tony one of my kinky friends and he came over to give Mr. Hand true hands on experience of his own.

Tony is a cute blond with nice abs and a great personality. He was pretty laid back when Mr. Hand showed up nervous and a bit nervous. Tony did his best with smiles and body language to make him more comfortable. It didn’t take him to long though to pull off Tony’s pants and begin to rub his cock in his green undies. He rubs and licks at his cock in those undies and he pulls them off continuing to suck and play with that hardening dick. Mr. Hand soon has Tony’s entire cock in his mouth and he begins to bob up and down on that fucking stick deep throating it like a mad man. I think he is hiding in the closet after watching him work that dick. He takes it out and jerks on it a bit making the cock pulsate with need and Tony moans out his pleasure as Mr. Hand goes back to sucking his hard shaft.

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Last video it was Justin who learned the benefit of having a gay guy suck his cock, now we will see if that straight boy can mimic what his partner just did. Can Justin suck a hard dick. After having his cock jerked and sucked by an experienced man and cumming buckets I think he is ready. As you can see he is ready to do his bit to make Jayden’s cock rock hard and throbbing with pleasure. He jumps on board naked and begins to kiss him moving down to stuff his hand into his pants and plays a bit. When he is ready he pulls off his jeans and licks his cock inside his undies like a true slut.

He must have learned something from Jayden because he is really teasing Jayden’s cock in his undies before he pulls down his undies and begins to slowly tease his cock with his tongue and mouth, the way he is starting I wonder if he is truly a straight guy or not. I wonder if he has had some experience with that before. After you watch him deep throat that cock a few times you’ll be wondering the same thing yourself. He rocks that cock with his mouth slow and fast and then slow again like he is riding the waves of a sexual ocean. Justin has Jayden moaning and groaning with his constant jerking and slurping action on his hard dick. It won’t take much of this before he explodes his cum load all over Justin’s face and hands. He finally erupts a heavy load while Justin continues to jerk on it watching that cum slick down his hands. He slides up to finish up with a French kiss that tastes like sticky cum.

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With the holidays coming I’ve been to quite a few holiday parties that always turn out to be wild, crazy and somehow we all end up naked and singing. I decided to take advantage of the situation and asked to of the guys to stay after my Christmas party. They were so trashed that they didn’t mind, and I kept giving them drinks until when I suggested that Justin and Jayden fuck they agreed, which was surprising since I knew that Justin was straight. He seems a bit scared and hesitant, but once Jayden begins to touch his body he relaxes a bit and I know the show will go on.

After spending very little time touching and playing these two strip down and Justin has his dick out and ready for Jayden to gobble up. Jayden is going out of his way to make sure that Justin realizes the value of having a horny guy stroking and jerking on his cock. Once Jayden has Justin’s cock in his hands he isn’t letting go and he alternates between sucking and jerking making Justin whine, cry and beg Jayden for more. He loves every moment he is spending in Jayden’s talented hands, but when he blows his load he grinds his teeth in pleasure and explodes a super huge load all over the place.

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I really caught a fine fish when Marlin answered my ad to come in and do a sleep study with me. Marlin knew exactly what my sleep studies included. This fish took my bait hook, line, and sinker. I loved how quickly he agreed to come home for the sleep study. I didn’t goof around, I went right to his cock and began to tease his cock in his undies. I slid his undies down so that I could begin to jerk and stroke on his dick. As I began he pinched his nipples and tried to keep his moans and his excitement off of his face. I alternated between soft and slow, and fast and furious cock jerking to drive him mad with lust and desire.

He turned back and forth to and fro. It didn’t take long for him to begin moaning out loud and grabbing his body while I continued to stroke and jerk that hard dick. It was so erotic for me to see his underwear down around his ankles and his socks still on as I jerk and play with his stiff dick. After awhile Marlin didn’t move, he stopped touching himself as I grabbed his ballsack and began to jerk on his dick with a little bit more precession. The good thing is that he couldn’t just stop; he hugged his chest as I brought that big cock to a huge eruption of cum. He exploded that huge cock all over his stomach and tats in a huge explosion of hot cum.

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I love a guy that wears silk boxers to bed. Keith is one of those guys. He has great legs with a fine layer of fur and they looked great against his silky red, white, and black shorts. I found him lying in my spare bedroom snoozing with those sexy shorts on and couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I went ahead and peeled the sheets down so that I could get to his silky shorts. He woke up about then and although he was half asleep he agreed to my using my hands to peel off his shorts and begin playing with his cock inside of his black boxers.

I played with him a bit and then got out my toys and tied him to the bed. He said he hadn’t been tied up before, and I responded that there was a first time for everything. He was a bit confused at first and I don’t think he liked the idea of not being able to move his hands about. I was happy to see his full bush of hair as I pulled down his shorts along with his full ball sack and cock. I quickly blindfolded him so he couldn’t see what I was doing. I began to stroke his body, and slide my hands all over his body before kissing him and jerking on his cock. He smiled as he grabbed his pillow. When I gave him raspberries he giggled a little, and I then smacked his ass making him jump a bit. He wasn’t sure what to expect especially since this was his first time being bound and blinded.

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